It is important for people to take on important responsibilities in Congress by turning their diverse skills into policies. From now on, I want to elect members with good taste. This will lead to good nation building.

The most important policies for urban landscapes include eliminating utility poles and regulating signboards. . This greatly impairs safety during disasters. Reforms come with high costs, but advances in technology will lead to cost reductions. If we aim to become a tourism-based nation, the rise of the inbound economy will further lower costs.

This is a major turning point that will lead us to a digital society. A secure system is essential. However, I am having a hard time creating just one My Number card. Although it is the centerpiece of administrative reform, once it is completed, tax reform will become a mystery.

The number of rogues and terrorists who must be exterminated is increasing. This swordsman is the only solution that can stop this outrage. I can’t wait for the day when it will appear with Mann.

There is a lot of danger of being invaded at any time. Japan on such a map. He’s been hit with a lot of jabs in the past. Ukrainianization may be a matter of time. 3% of GDP is no problem, powerful defense spending. No worries if you are prepared.

Crash takes you to the past. Conversely, increase CO2. It’s a big negative outrage. Bury new value. Because it takes a tremendous amount of energy to rebuild. One of its great values is green reform.

The protesting three fingers are translated into ARTS at the soccer stadium. It is nothing more than the flip side of a hymn to democracy. Let’s present all the protests because the SNS media has great power, with this gesture.

It’s a sport with a presentation. However, mental is the greatest weapon for maximizing physical performance. Delicately the game is even more so. The rules should take that into consideration as much as possible.

Money flies. Money runs. Gold swims. Money slips. Money trains competitive skills. Both companies and products make the Olympics an important marketing medium. This is called a dollar limpic.

The black and white recruit suit is a camouflage. I love free style in my heart. I hate Kintaro-ame. However, there is a sadness that cannot be black and white.

In the AI era, LOVE is easy to convey in various forms. This is because it can spread big and quickly on SNS media. The expression of LOVE is also diverse. The WORD ARTS expression is an excellent weapon. I will never forget the time when the mask spread the LOVE message greatly.

The world is at the mercy of a huge invisible monster. Barely one of the armor is a mask. Masks are a big medium as well as weapons. It’s NO1 big media. It is the largest WORD ARTS in the relational ARTS expression.

Impersonation, tampering, doom, concealment are fashionable. Public affairs are fundamentally questioned. In a broad sense, it is a crisis of democracy. Kasumigaseki & Nagata-machi’s Gadaiki socialism was exposed. There is a white paper, but this is nothing but a black paper.

The speed at which women’s status and values ​​improve is slow. Conversely, power and sexual harassment are too noticeable. IWD activities that last for nearly 100 years. The value is low even if it lasts only nominally.

Worth ARTS. Modern monetary value. Worth the tax. Worth the thing. Worth deflation. There is diversity in economic thought. However, the visual value of landscape is low in Japan.

Sexual harassment has surfaced in every scene. A man uses his position. Cheat a woman. It became a global movement. It is essential to give severe punishment. I look down on a woman from scratch.

Bullying and power struggle are big social problems. Shove off the weak. I am stupid. Lay down. Violence is saved. why. It will be a stressful diversion of the strong man. It is because pride is increased. Because it is comfortable than anything else. And, the last will be enslaved. It is imperative to strengthen severe punishment.

It is not terror of the Third World War. The risk of submergence of big cities in the near future is approaching. A rise in the water surface attacks the city. Global warming is progressing at a rapid pace. Each one demonstrates a sturdy Ethical Mind. It is essential to have strict execution power that does not emit CO2.

Donkan People has grown peacefully to richness. Even the distinction between “conspiracy” and “berserk” is diminishing. When “freedom of expression” is informed, more artists who self-regulate will increase. This law, YESorNO, is still a gray zone.

There are many late genres. Japan wants to promote further development. Healthy politics, economics, cultural orientation align with contemporary art orientation. I would like to add the “landscape to sense up” to one of the SDGs.

It is no exaggeration to say that the information is all. Japan has long been pointed out that it is a spy heaven. Ninja in the Edo Period, like James Bond, placed great emphasis on intelligence. Although NINJA is drawing attention from abroad now, I want to pay close attention to the “inner heart” of terrorists so that terrorism will not occur.

There is a phrase called a scenic landscape. Ideals and images. Furthermore, it is European style …. Or an old private house + modern. There are people’s fashion visuals in the landscape. This is a songwriter. Enlarge the urban landscape. And when the scenery created by the new technology enters the old-fashioned calm and comfortable landscape with the footsteps, it will shift. And the earthquake is also an earthquake ….

The license plate of the car becomes lively. Illustration and design visualization of local specialty runs. It is too insensitive to the fact that the rough signboard is making a landscape ugly, but it becomes an advertisement signboard in which the MOE’s enforcement policy runs, and the landscape becomes a top coat of the buzzaik. It is no longer an easy-going landscape.

The tourism economy is a sign of great growth. In other words, it is a proof that Japan is matured. We anticipate 40 million people for the second Olympic Games. In order for the number to continue even after that, it is essential to improve not only the traditional eyeball tourism and certain quality products but also excellent quality of visual quality.

While appeal to pose as a long time peace blur, it has been single-mindedly imported modern democracy. And, confident with. Pride also while playing. In addition, traditional products of the sum, that is liquor, food, clothes, growing comics other than bonsai, also export such as Japan arts and crafts there. The concept is, but likely strategic intention other than peace, there is nothing. Maybe···.

Important facilities of the White House and the major developed countries, have been subjected to a strong defense and legal system, private building as of 9.11, close to the defenseless. … I wonder come a time when covering the sky like a small atomic bomb equipped with drones of locust hordes.

Sports marketing creation is, is too shoot the ball with impunity under the table bribes by momentum left over. Its smoldering was FIRE is in the Dosuguroi color. A large impact on the world wide to young people.

Some no small people who are opposed to putting a personal number to efficiency and bank account of bureaucratic administration.
Transparency of assets, become a step in the healthy political economy. My number system, might be to mature democracy more or less cramped.
However, it would be a system that is fit to healthy political economic and cultural life style is a trend.

Girls high school students, there is a well-omitted habit to use only their own as Ingo using the words. It’s not just girls.
Talk the industry term to proudly in the business community, there is a boast facing the through the first time in its industry.
This (JO) that is Japanese Only also wonder perhaps Tsuburu omitted jargon.
However, this “Joe” is, it is far from seclusion basis minus words from “Tomorrow’s Joe” cartoon.

Should was developed countries of robot technology, Japan.
However, all purposes was industrial. America is, human beings are pursuing or how comfortable can live in the future.
It’s going to be like out in the future delay close in robot techno genre, which is now the most promising.
The reason, he imagination, expressive power, because not a anthropocentrism in the industrial center doctrines such as human force is lacking. Time is also pathetic in constriction of the visual field to.

Information gathering, the most important job in the IT society. The
purpose is to protect the society from a safe hiding terrorists access to
government, government agencies, intelligence agencies, and companies
and so on. Should be collected by the naked communication information
mail any public, blogs, HP, etc. Therefore TEL. There is a need to collect
also exchange of friends of course. Although it is liberal democracy to
enjoying the “freedom of expression”, but merely to have been danced
in all of the “palm”. 

Global warming, even sentiment could be hot on the inside of the human body. However, high school students in Japan has not been hot What do
not Yu. Positive thinking mind imagination, ability to take action, insight,
and so on spoken English is not in response to natural phenomena as
chilly. I can not help but referred to as “Cool Japan Japan that is a cold,”what exactly this.

Tofu is beautiful. Strong whiteness there is no dirt. Various forms of soymilk, tofu, and tofu is the healthy. And value is high, it’s a flexible character. I’m shining forever further. It’s like a conceptual art that concept be impertinent than appearance.


Olympic and world record that shines in the en-tout- car lane. Our black sportswear runner has been the most corde drama in the theater that has been refined. Wednesday is also the color design stage corde is no longer compete. Because it is indispensable for keyword OlympicArt and Design. Asia runner who has emerged remarkably other. Has been considerable increase in the number of medal. However, I do not sense excellent art design absolutely. I am far from the sense also record compared to our sophisticated black runners. I want you to leam that the color design sense will no longer record.

Said that there has long been popular
in professional baseball while blind. What would be the cause.
I think there are many. Most probably because the game itself is becoming not exciting. Probably because there are many games against each other team is not antagonistic and Star ism
and power and strategy. Tension was nearly equal, Pitcher’s duel, such as, for example, followed by zero—. Passage at arm of the home run batting. Only a propaganda tool of the parent companyin any way. For example, Exposed to such incidents or bring down the star players in the team of the paret company hostile to just
before the season begins ,for example. Forciblty attract the attention of the fans by the growing popularity incitement. Immediately calming effect of advertising goes up once.

Those who serve in public office police is not a saint separately.Than a normal person would be a little bit serious nature and going either. I do not even for a moment through the air because it is forced to work more tension. There is a duty of confidentiality to not disclose important information to colleagues and family of course. However, the continuous tension that produces such great stress. Driving acaror some of them are a little timid personbooze. In addition, we or molested or use food and drink to the pool a slush fund. And escalate without muchblame us what it is not to be diverted or to the plate , per stimulant also eventurlly confiscanted.

Before the tsunami hit big, progress was finance capitalism
under full sail aged.Preestablished harmony that wind is
a crumbling disaster suddenly greatly.However, pursuant to
the strategy with a focus on friends of the U.S.allies also
suffered a major disaster , further progress will be infinitely
more powerful.And ellimination of nuclear power to declare
a nuclear research will not be increased. Govermance and
moved to the Ministry of Defense Ministry of Govermance.

National Socialist group BRICs dark red color is based on
the surface. while imitating the lion Tsu finacial capitals
is aging at a rapid pace to prosperity,Will grow to represent
a more diverse future prosperity. And you may experience
a collapseof Lehman Brothers Japan’s bubble economy and
the American one. However, I believe you want to earn infinite
happiness and prosperity tpwardsfurther.Developing countries
such as BRICs,because you want to keep the power brush
off the insults fromthe historical words and deeds endured
condescending tinge any developedcountry. For example ,
it’s power , nuclear power may not only GDP.

Interior designer and coordinator, comes age may not be
necessary.Tay if you order in the company pressentation
session fragmented profession, such as CADand 3D
perspective and not be satisfied because .Owner of any
image, design and style that is the nature, fashion sense,
color scheme, favorite food disheswill be asked to suggest
and understand total hobby.That would be the responsibilities
of the mainstream art consulting image consultant
and art drector.